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Upcoming “Spartan Fit!” Release!

Hello Crazies!

Recently I was given the privilege of a pre-release copy of “Spartan Fit!”, the latest upcoming release of Spartan Race founder and now author, Joe De Sena.

If you got the chance to read his last book “Spartan Up!”, you will love this new edition!  If you haven’t, I suggest grab a copy and prepare for this world of epicness bound in one place.
“Spartan Fit!” is something different, it is not your normal guide to healthier living, work out routines, meal options or inspirational quotes (though all of the above are included).  This read has something for everyone, from the guy/girl who hasn’t ran other than to their car in the rain, to the competitive athlete that’s grinding day in and day out.

Anyone who is able to get through the 1st chapter and not feel that burst of adrenaline that happens when a spark of inspiration ignites, message me.  We need to talk!
No, seriously…
Joe hit a home run with this one.  Looking to get started and work your way into a healthier routine? How about just the casual training and a few good eats? Maybe, you’re already a beast and struggling to find new exciting ways to test your limits?  I can safely say, you will find something within these pages no matter your current level or lifestyle.

I can honestly say that after reading through it, I felt the need to get up and do more, be better and try harder.  I haven’t come across many reads that have that affect, I had to share with my fellow enthusiasts

That’s my rant for today and feel free to get yourself a copy when its released!
Links below to preorder and a link to read the 1st chapter (Prologue that is not included is pretty badass too)



“Spartan Fit!”

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Kinesio Tape Throwdown: KT Tape vs RockTape

Products Tested: KT Tape and RockTape

Kinesio Tape Throwdown: KT Tape vs. RockTape

You may be asking yourself, what is kinesio(logy) tape and why should I care? Kinesiology taping, developed in 1979 by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in an effort to ease muscles and keep blood flowing, allowing injuries to heal quicker than traditional methods which focused on restricting motion and compression. I won’t get into all the specific, but you can read more at HowStuffWorks: How Kinesio Tape Works. Suffice it to say, I believe the scientific merit behind the tape, and trust the many studies that have been done testing the effectiveness of kinesiology tape.

With us being a running group rather than a group of scientists, we tend to just put stuff on and try it out, relying on anecdotal evidence rather than lab results, because in the end, if it works for you but not somebody else, it still works for you, and that’s all that matters.

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Shoe Review: New Balance 110

Brand: New Balance

Model: 110

Weight: 7.75 oz

Drop: 4mm

Stack Height: 19mm/15mm

With my first Tough Mudder coming up, I wanted to find a good trail shoe that offered a little more padding than Vibram’s offerings, but was still minimalist. When my search started I was the owner of a pair of New Balance MT-100s and MT-101s, as well as a pair of Brooks PureGrits. None of these shoes are ideal for a obstacle race, but I was pretty happy with my MT-101s for trail running, so when I started my search and stumbled across the 110s, I knew I had to see them in person and try them on. Once I did, I knew they were the shoes I wanted.

After taking them out on a few initial trail runs, as well as Tough Mudder Las Vegas, I have to say that the 110s have outperformed any and all expectations I had for them. The grip on both wet and dry ground is exceptional, with a mid-to-narrow fit on the foot and an open toe box. Anybody that has ran in the MT-100s or the MT-101s should try the 110s, as they are a fresh new take based on the New Balance Minimus line. New Balance also made sure they fixed some of the complaints people had about the MT-100/MT-101s, such as the back of the shoe being so stiff it would often cause blisters.

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By on October 15, 2012 in Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Brand: Garmin

Model: Forerunner 910XT

My first tool I used to track my running was the Adidas miCoach app on my iPhone. While I really liked the customizable training plans and ease-of-use the application offered, having a smartphone attached to my arm during runs wasn’t really my idea of a good time. After deciding that I wanted a GPS-enabled watch for running, I settled on the Garmin Forefunner 405CX about 1 1/2 years ago with mixed results. With a new project Ryan and I are working on in regards to trail running (more on this later, I promise), I made the decision that I needed something more accurate than the haphazard elevation charts that watches relying solely on GPS based elevation provided. Longer battery life was something I was looking forward to as well, as I have a bad habit of not always charging my watches when I should.

After some research, I decided on the Garmin Forerunner 910XT, a recently released watch marketed towards triathletes and ultramarathoners. While I could care less about every competing in a triathlon, the advertised 20-hour battery life piqued my interest due to my aforementioned habit of not charging my watches, but also because I plan on becoming an ultramarathoner in the not-too-distant future. There was also the added bonus of the watch being waterproof (for tracking the swimming legs of a triathlon), meaning I could wear the watch during Tough Mudder, giving me the ability to track the distance and elevation change of the courses we run. Oh, and did I mention it uses a built-in barometric altimeter to track elevation during the run?

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Shoe Review: Brooks PureConnect

Brand: Brooks

Model: PureConnect

Weight: 7.2 oz

Drop: 4mm

Stack Height: 14mm/10mm

Brooks was a little late to the minimalist running game, but they entered the fray in a fast and furious manner by releasing four models under the PureProject moniker. While they aren’t zero-drop like other offerings in the space, they can still be considered borderline minimalist with an 8mm drop and a focus on flexibility and lightweight over cushioning.

The Construction

The PureConnects have a soft foam midsole with a more durable material underneath, through the forefoot, arch, and heel. The upper is made of a foam with a large diamond pattern cut into it for ventilation and is overlaid with a thin mesh material.

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By on August 14, 2012 in Gear Reviews

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak

Brand: Altra Zero Drop Footwear

Model: Lone Peak

Weight: 9.9 oz

Drop: 0mm

Stack Height: 22.5mm/22.5mm (with removable footbed), 17.5mm/17.5mm (without removable footbed)

Back in January of 2011 when I was looking for shoe options to replace my Nike Frees that had ripped open along the inside of the shoe, I stumbled across the Altra Running website and learned about their upcoming Instinct/Intuition and Lone Peak lines and immediately decided I wanted to try at least the Instinct to use for road running, which was pretty much all I did at that time. Unfortunately, the Instinct wouldn’t be released until a couple months later than I needed the shoes by, so I had to let that opportunity pass, but made a mental note to come back to Altra when I needed more shoes. Through the next few months I always dropped by the Altra booth if they were at the expo of the race I was running so I could try on the various shoes and talk to the reps. At the Chicago Marathon I saw the Lone Peak for the first time and knew that I had found the first pair of trail running shoes I would purchase.

Fast forward to late December of 2012 and I finally became a member of the Altra community with the purchase of my first pair of Lone Peaks. Unfortunately, right after purchasing them I came down with a respiratory illness that kept me out of running for about a month, and then I started on the beginnings of a 50K training program which prevented me from running trails. I did get to run in them here and there though, and my initial impressions were that they were much better for trails than my Inov-8 f-lite 195s I had used occasionally, and better than my Merrell Trail Gloves as well. The only downside I noticed at first was the additional weight of the shoe over the seven ounce weights of my normal running shoes.

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Gear Review: Camelbak Quick Grip Podium Chill Bottle

Brand: Camelbak

Model: Quick Grip Podium Chill

As I mentioned in my earlier post reviewing the Amphipod Run Lite 4 Hydration Belt, I’m not a big fan of hydration belts in general, and dislike the feeling of the additional weight around my waist. Another issue I’ve run into is trying to keep an 8-oz bottle of water that’s pushed up against your body cold when it’s well over 100-degrees outside. Reaching for a drink 2 hours into a run and taking a swig of hot water is certainly not on the list of my favorite things to do.

So to replace the hydration belt, I knew I wanted a handheld bottle that was insulated, but I wasn’t sure which one I wanted, or even what was available. After looking at the available options, I quickly settled on the Camelbak Quick Grip with the Podium Chill bottle.

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Gear Review: Garmin Forerunner 405CX

Brand: Garmin

Model: Forerunner 405CX

Battery Life: 8 hours

Whether you are training for a race or just like to run for fun, it’s nice to be able to track how far you’re running. Garmin’s 405cx is a good and relatively price effective way to keep track of your mileage, but it also tracks elevation, average and current running pace, maps your route using GPS, and, if you have the monitor or cadence sensor, your heart rate and cadence.

In the month that I’ve been running with the 405CX it has worked well to help me track my progress and see how my training is paying off. A nice added feature of owning a Garmin watch is Garmin Connect, a web-based program that stores all of your runs and can be very helpful. You can see the GPS routes of each of your runs, mile splits, and calories burned, along with graphs of your pace, elevation, heart rate, and cadence.

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Gear Review: Amphipod Run Lite Hydration Belt

Brand: Amphipod

Model: Run Lite 4

When I started running about a year ago, I quickly found the need for water that I could carry with me while on my runs. Running in Las Vegas in August without water is a sure-fire way to quickly discover what heat exhaustion feels like. If you’re really not careful you can visit heat stroke land as well. So, instead of having to make sure all of my runs routed past parks with water fountains, I took a trip to one of my local running stores and checked out their hydration belts before finally choosing the RunLite 4 by Amphipod.

One of the main things I liked about the belt, besides being able to carry up to four 32-ounce bottles of water, along with a rather large storage pouch for storing keys, energy gels, and other miscellaneous things, was the ability to remove the clips for the water bottles (and the pouch itself) if I don’t need them. I was really excited about being able to customize the belt to however long or difficult the run I had planned was going to be, and it did not disappoint. It’s fairly easy to remove the clips for the water bottles, as well as the storage pouch in a matter of seconds before I head out the door.

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By on August 10, 2011 in Gear Reviews