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S.A.F.E. House Run For Shelter 5K

Race Name: 4th Annual S.A.F.E. House Run For Shelter 5K

Date: November 17, 2012

Distance: 5K

Footwear: Vibram Bikila (Ryan), Altra Samson (Rob)

Time: 20:51 (Ryan), 21:48 (Rob)

With Ryan having lived in Henderson, NV for most of his life and myself spending six years there, whenever a 5K takes place in the Water Street district of downtown Henderson, we try to make sure at least one of us runs it. Four years ago, Ryan took part in the first ever running of the S.A.F.E. House Run For Shelter 5K with a 24:02, placing 2nd in his age group and 13th overall. The following year, Ryan, Dalyn, and I all ran the race, with Dalyn and Ryan both winning their age groups with a 23:32 (7th overall) and 24:51 (11th overall) respectively, and myself taking second in my age group with a 25:47 (14th overall). Last year, I was the only one that participated, finishing with a 23:07, 1st place age division, and 8th overall.

For this year’s race, Ryan and I both had lofty goals coming into the race, with Ryan shooting for a sub-20:00 and myself aiming for a sub-22:00. Our time goals were completely off the cuff, and we didn’t really do any 5K-specific training, but thought we had good shots at meeting our goals.

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Devil Dash: Las Vegas 2011

Race Name: Devil Dash Las Vegas

Date: May 12, 2012

Team Members: Ryan, Robert

Footwear: Vibram Bikila

This race was a blast because I had the opportunity to participate in it with my nephew, Robert. That was the highlight of the race. Although this race was still fun, as they always are, you got the feeling that the organizers of this race were either lazy or didn’t have the resources they needed to make this a race that could hold it’s own against the other races available. It was more of a 5k trail run than an obstacle race. From a 5k aspect it was a decent race.

The Race

This course was run through Bootleg canyon near Boulder City, NV; which is one of our group’s favorite trail systems to run. The only problem was that a portion of it was run through a BMX course, ramps and all. Overall the terrain was good though. The course had some nice hills and plenty of room to run. It was course that is welcoming to all levels of runners.

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2011 Scorpion Warrior

Race Name: Scorpion Warrior Las Vegas

Date: March 17, 2012

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Tom

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Bikila (Ryan)

After completing our first Tough Mudder and our first obstacle race we were immediately hungry for more. Scorpion Warrior certainly was not on our radar. We didn’t even know it existed, and with good reason, when we stumbled across the race on Groupon, at a very reasonable price. After having such a phenomenal time participating in Tough Mudder, and our next one months away, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in another obstacle race.

This wasn’t even close to being our favorite race, but we made do. We found our own ways to enjoy the race and had some fun with what little we were provided with.

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Tough Mudder: SoCal #1 2012

Race Name: Tough Mudder SoCal #1

Date: February 29, 2012

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Dalyn, Adam, Tom

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Bikila (Ryan), Vibram Bikila (Dalyn)

Tough Mudder event consists of roughly eleven miles of trail running, plus about twenty-five obstacles with names such as ‘Death March’, ‘Arctic Enema’, and ‘Electroshock Therapy’. They claim to be “Probably The Toughest Event on the Planet” and it has to be at least in the discussion for normal athletes like most of us. Knowing all that, you must get something amazing at the end, right? Prize money? Nope. The medal that makes all marathon medals jealous? Nope. A normal medal? Again, nope. What you do get is the sweetest orange headband you will ever own emblazoned with ‘TOUGH MUDDER’, and the satisfaction of completing one of the toughest obstacle courses most people will ever attempt (also one of the most fun, just take a look at their pledge).

As Tough Mudder is all about teamwork and camaraderie, as soon as we decided to do the event, we started asking everybody we thought would be interested if they wanted to join our team. We also came up with an official team name: Crazier Than Thou. After quite a bit of initial interest, we ended up with only five members of the team, but we still managed to have a blast! It was great having other people we know out on the course to help out and get through some of the challenges together. We all assisted one another by pushing or pulling each other over the Berlin Walls, helping each other up Mt. Everest, sharing our pains after Arctic Enema, or just motivating each other through the running portions, which may have been the most difficult parts of the course.

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