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Upcoming “Spartan Fit!” Release!

Hello Crazies!

Recently I was given the privilege of a pre-release copy of “Spartan Fit!”, the latest upcoming release of Spartan Race founder and now author, Joe De Sena.

If you got the chance to read his last book “Spartan Up!”, you will love this new edition!  If you haven’t, I suggest grab a copy and prepare for this world of epicness bound in one place.
“Spartan Fit!” is something different, it is not your normal guide to healthier living, work out routines, meal options or inspirational quotes (though all of the above are included).  This read has something for everyone, from the guy/girl who hasn’t ran other than to their car in the rain, to the competitive athlete that’s grinding day in and day out.

Anyone who is able to get through the 1st chapter and not feel that burst of adrenaline that happens when a spark of inspiration ignites, message me.  We need to talk!
No, seriously…
Joe hit a home run with this one.  Looking to get started and work your way into a healthier routine? How about just the casual training and a few good eats? Maybe, you’re already a beast and struggling to find new exciting ways to test your limits?  I can safely say, you will find something within these pages no matter your current level or lifestyle.

I can honestly say that after reading through it, I felt the need to get up and do more, be better and try harder.  I haven’t come across many reads that have that affect, I had to share with my fellow enthusiasts

That’s my rant for today and feel free to get yourself a copy when its released!
Links below to preorder and a link to read the 1st chapter (Prologue that is not included is pretty badass too)





“Spartan Fit!”

By on June 6, 2016 in Gear Reviews