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I am the resident health nut and fitness Crazy. I've been active since Sir Timmy created the World Wide Web. I love anything physical from a killer circuit at the gym, to a spur of the moment long distance run, to playing three soccer games in just four hours. My conversion from college football to runner began on March 13, 2010; the rest is history.

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Tough Mudder: Las Vegas 2012

Race Name: Tough Mudder Las Vegas 2012

Date: October 6, 2012

Location: Beatty, NV

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Scott, Amy, Jed, Valarie, Ron, Jonathan, Tom, Erik

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Spyridon (Ryan), New Balance 110 (Scott)

Tough Mudder is by far our favorite event to date. It’s a perfect mix of tough running and challenging obstacles, plus we got to play in the mud. This race being two hours from home made it close enough to be considered our home course, which gave us a little extra motivation to make it a good race. We were able to double the size of our team from Tough Mudder SoCal and had many more spectators at this event than we did in Temecula. Having an audience of family and friends makes any race, especially tough races like this, better. When you’re eight miles into a race like Tough Mudder, beat up and tired, it completely revamps you when you see your family and friends on the horizon and can hear them cheering you on, or laughing as you nosedive into the mud.

What sets Tough Mudder apart from most other races is the emphasis on camaraderie and enjoying the challenge. Whether it’s pushing you to run hill after hill through sandy terrain, or conquering dire fears of ice-cold water, heights, or an electric shock, you’re teammates and fellow competitors are there to help and motivate you along the way. Teamwork is emphasized the second you climb over the wall into the starting corral (an heart-pumping and awesome way to start a race) and the MC begins delivering his pep talk explaining that Tough Mudder is a team event, not a race, and you’re goal is to help the person next to you finish. The Tough Mudder pledge recited just before the race starts says it perfectly. Tough Mudder is all about having a fantastic time with a group of other crazy people (like us) while testing your limits mentally and physically. I can speak for all of us Crazies when I say that the feeling you get after finishing a Tough Mudder event is unlike any other event, because it’s challenging but you have a fantastic time others, instead of competing by yourself like most races.

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Devil Dash: Las Vegas 2011

Race Name: Devil Dash Las Vegas

Date: May 12, 2012

Team Members: Ryan, Robert

Footwear: Vibram Bikila

This race was a blast because I had the opportunity to participate in it with my nephew, Robert. That was the highlight of the race. Although this race was still fun, as they always are, you got the feeling that the organizers of this race were either lazy or didn’t have the resources they needed to make this a race that could hold it’s own against the other races available. It was more of a 5k trail run than an obstacle race. From a 5k aspect it was a decent race.

The Race

This course was run through Bootleg canyon near Boulder City, NV; which is one of our group’s favorite trail systems to run. The only problem was that a portion of it was run through a BMX course, ramps and all. Overall the terrain was good though. The course had some nice hills and plenty of room to run. It was course that is welcoming to all levels of runners.

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2011 Scorpion Warrior

Race Name: Scorpion Warrior Las Vegas

Date: March 17, 2012

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Tom

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Bikila (Ryan)

After completing our first Tough Mudder and our first obstacle race we were immediately hungry for more. Scorpion Warrior certainly was not on our radar. We didn’t even know it existed, and with good reason, when we stumbled across the race on Groupon, at a very reasonable price. After having such a phenomenal time participating in Tough Mudder, and our next one months away, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in another obstacle race.

This wasn’t even close to being our favorite race, but we made do. We found our own ways to enjoy the race and had some fun with what little we were provided with.

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