Spartan Passes for 2017!

Hopefully everyone had a great week and are geared up to do something epic this weekend!
As 2016 comes to a close, plans are brewing for the 2017 race season, training plans are coming together and the torturous thought of balancing a diet is starting to resume.
Spartan Race has put together a few deals to help us all meet a few of our race goals and make the registration process as effortless and worry-free as possible.
For those “going for the gold” and looking for a more competitive multiple event season, they have a stellar Elite Season Pass available for $799 (covers entry to any US race, any heat for the 2017 calendar year).
If you’re still interested in knocking out multiple events across the country but would prefer to stay away from the competitive waves, they have an Open Season Pass that is valid for entry to all US Open Heats for $649!!
Noob to OCR? Take advantage of a KILLER Trifecta pass (trust, once you run one, you’re hooked and will impatiently wait for the next one), this pass gets allows entry into all 3 legs of the Spartan Trifecta Series and any heat! 1 Sprint, 1 Super and 1 Beast ANYWHERE in the US.
But Oh Wait, there’s more! lol
Currently, 8 major league sports stadiums are hosting Spartan events in 2017… How cool would it be to run around your favorite teams stopping grounds!? Yeah… We’re pretty stoked about it too.
Interested in trying out one for the very first time? Right now, save up to $40 on an entry.
Think it over, commit, train hard and come out to get muddy with us!
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