Warrior Dash Las Vegas 2012

Race Name: Warrior Dash Las Vegas

Date: October 20, 2012

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Scott, Taylor, Nickee, Dustin

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Spyridon (Ryan), New Balance MT-101 (Scott)

After scheduling Tough Mudder for October 6, a mere two weeks before Warrior Dash, it certainly wasn’t on our radar of events that we’d be doing. We’re also obstacle race fiends and always appreciate a good deal, so when a Groupon popped up in our inboxes, we jumped on it!

After Tough Mudder two weeks ago, we really toned down our training and relaxed for a couple weeks, but we knew there was almost nothing we could do (short of breaking a limb) in just two weeks that would make Warrior Dash hard after completing Tough Mudder. That being said, we still expected to have a good time and we weren’t disappointed!

Getting our flex on with the Warrior Dash sign

The Race

We tend to have a history of getting to places late, and Warrior Dash was no exception. We were already running late, and then ran into a traffic jam trying to get into the parking lot where we were greeted with a $20 per car parking fee (really Warrior Dash? I mean, really??). Once we parked we had about 15 minutes before our wave was supposed to start, so we had a nice little warm-up run for about 1/3 of a mile to the registration desk, where we hastily got our bibs, attached them, and checked our bags. We wandered over to the starting line in time to learn how to do the “horns” and we were given a few safety instructions and they released us on to the course. It took a few minutes of walking before we passed the starting line, under fire cannons which were pretty neat (and very warm).

Once we were off and running, we quickly noticed how different the participants were between Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder as we were weaving and dodging and run quite a bit faster than anybody else from the very beginning. Any hill on the course we were flying up while a lot of people either walked it or slowly jogged up.

Warrior Roast, Crazier Than Thou style

The obstacles on the course were fun, and we made them even more fun by screwing around or challenging ourselves to make them harder. This involved doing cannonballs and doing back flops in the muddy water, doing mud angels in the nasty clay mud on the back-half of the course, and humming the theme to Jaws during the crawl through the mud at the finish line. To make obstacles harder, during any steep hill climb, we’d eschew all ropes and cargo nets offering grip and encourage other people wearing

Tough Mudder headbands or shirts to do the same (and by encourage I clearly mean guilt-trip them into doing it). For the wall climb we skipped the rope and just use the boards they had attached to the walls, and we attempted, mostly successfully, to walk across the cargo net crawl.

Towards the end of the race is one of Warrior Dash’s signature obstacles (much like Everest and Electroshock Therapy for Tough Mudder) called Warrior Roast, which involves jumping through two rows of fire. We lined up as a team and ran towards the fire all at once, with each of us heel-clicking as we crossed over it.

All in all, we had a really fun, really muddy time. We were pleasantly surprised with how good the mud was and how enjoyable the event was overall. We were slightly disappointed with the trails we ran, as it was mostly dirt roads (with a few fun trails and wash beds here and there), but we’ll certainly be doing Warrior Dash again in the future.

Traditional post-race party at Buffalo Wild Wings

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