2011 Scorpion Warrior

Race Name: Scorpion Warrior Las Vegas

Date: March 17, 2012

Team Members: Rob, Ryan, Tom

Footwear: Vibram Spyridon LS (Rob), Vibram Bikila (Ryan)

After completing our first Tough Mudder and our first obstacle race we were immediately hungry for more. Scorpion Warrior certainly was not on our radar. We didn’t even know it existed, and with good reason, when we stumbled across the race on Groupon, at a very reasonable price. After having such a phenomenal time participating in Tough Mudder, and our next one months away, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in another obstacle race.

This wasn’t even close to being our favorite race, but we made do. We found our own ways to enjoy the race and had some fun with what little we were provided with.

The Race

The race itself was less than a 5k in distance. We began the race on a dirt turnoff from the parking lot which led us down a steep embankment into a detention basin near the Las Vegas Sports Park, the host of the race. The first half mile or so was through the detention basin where we ran across the basin before making a gradual U-turn and exiting the basin on the opposite side. Running in the detention basin was basically like running through a rock quarry.

Upon exiting the basin we transferred to the sidewalk running alongside it towards the park for about another mile. Racing through a park on a winding narrow sidewalk was not very enjoyable, especially at a 6:00 minute mile pace. So, up to this point we had speedily tip-toed through a rock quarry and run down a snaking sidewalk, and still had yet to come across any obstacles, aside from the crappy makeshift course that was probably devised in under 30 minutes.

After the sidewalk run, it was finally time for the fun portion of the race. After an approximate one-and-a-half mile run, we arrived back at the Sports Park for the obstacle portion of the race. After  walking up the stairs to the gated artificial grass fields we were greeted with multiple rows of obstacles. For this part of the race we scurried over and under obstacles, zigzagging back and forth all the way across the field. The obstacles included things such as jumping on or climbing over large boxes and tires and climbing over a wooden wall. Some of the obstacles were actually pretty fun, and the ones that weren’t we tried to make fun. We attempted to jump the 4′ x 4′ boxes without any hands and barrel rolled in the air over sets of suspended tires.

Next we ran around to the other side of the complex—dodging a few spectators in the process—to the dirt and mud portion of the race. We finally reached the part of the course we had been waiting for. We climbed over and under obstacles through the “mud” (wet sand from a softball infield), diving head first into it every chance we got. Despite getting a mouth full of mud on one occasion this was our favorite portion of the race. Getting dirty always makes a race worthwhile.

To finish the race we climbed across a rope ladder and down a wooden platform, then across the finish line, which was a 3′ wide, 6′ long corridor lined by construction ribbon through the fencing onto the sidewalk leading to the front entrance of the building, which was covered with people going all directions. A pretty uneventful discombobulated finish to a race.

The Organization

This was probably one of the most unorganized races we’ve done. It seemed like there was an overall lack of effort put into the race, and you can tell there was no experience behind the planning of the race. Not to condemn to the organizers of the race completely since the obstacle portion of the race was still somewhat enjoyable, but you could easily tell that whoever planned the race didn’t have much experience planning events such as this. The course setup was lazy and not very well thought out. It seemed to be thrown together in as little time and with as little effort as possible. The race started in a parking lot before going into a terrible route for a race, and was split into three completely separate sections. I’m guessing this was done because it made the setup much easier. The different aspects of the race didn’t flow together very well at all. It felt more like I was an elementary school kid on field day going from one event to another.

The finish of the race was probably what irked me the most. We finished the race by walking around a ribbon to the exit gate of a fence surrounding the dirt area, which led right onto the sidewalk for the main entrance to the complex. People were walking back and forth—participants and spectators alike—and all of the extracurricular activities including the main stage, booths, and registration were all within 15 feet of this area. After finishing you were hurried out the the small finish area so you weren’t in the way of the next two or three finishers, as that’s all the finish area could handle at a time.

Ryan flexing after finishing

After the race was over we were given a cup of tap water and a cheap rubber wristband for participating. Also, there was nowhere, not even a hose, for rinsing off all the mud, so we resorted to rinsing off over the bathroom sink as much as possible, ultimately leaving cold and muddy to go to Tom’s house to shower and change.


For this event I wore Vibram Bikilas. Had I known I would be running the first portion of the race through a rocky wash I may have reconsidered. For the second part of the run and for all the obstacles however, the Bikilas were great. They provide a lot of traction on obstacles, but not much protection. I wore baseball gloves for grip and protection on the obstacles.

The Conclusion

Overall we had a good time with the race, like we always do, but I was disappointed in the setup and organization of the race. Though for the price I paid through Groupon, I didn’t mind it. We got muddy and had fun with the obstacles.

I’m just glad that I wasn’t one of the participants who paid the full $80+ entry fee for the “race”.


The first set of obstacles
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaIYcghiFwI?rel=0]

Screwing around in the second set of obstacles
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnJPYVWcqpU?rel=0]

The finish line
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRKCkKlSWHQ?rel=0]

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