Devil Dash: Las Vegas 2011

Race Name: Devil Dash Las Vegas

Date: May 12, 2012

Team Members: Ryan, Robert

Footwear: Vibram Bikila

This race was a blast because I had the opportunity to participate in it with my nephew, Robert. That was the highlight of the race. Although this race was still fun, as they always are, you got the feeling that the organizers of this race were either lazy or didn’t have the resources they needed to make this a race that could hold it’s own against the other races available. It was more of a 5k trail run than an obstacle race. From a 5k aspect it was a decent race.

The Race

This course was run through Bootleg canyon near Boulder City, NV; which is one of our group’s favorite trail systems to run. The only problem was that a portion of it was run through a BMX course, ramps and all. Overall the terrain was good though. The course had some nice hills and plenty of room to run. It was course that is welcoming to all levels of runners.

Aside from the couple of hills and jumping from jump to jump on the BMX style trail/course the only obstacles were at the end of the race. There was a cargo net climb then a container of water right before the finish. The water was welcomed as it was a hot Vegas day. I would not classify this as an obstacle race necessarily, it was more of a family friendly 5k trail run with a creative finish.


My footwear of choice for this race was the Vibram Bikila. They don’t have the best protection on trails which requires you to really pay attention to where your feet are landing. I wore baseball gloves, as I always do for obstacle races. They provide the best combination of grip and protection. For any race involving water I always wear compression clothing. It dries quick so you’re not carrying extra weight.

The Conclusion

We had a really good time participating in this race. It is a good family and friends type of race. There is no experience necessary to do this race. It was a lower level race in organization and setup, and was not very challenging for anybody who has done any of these types of races before.

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