Gear Review: Camelbak Quick Grip Podium Chill Bottle

Brand: Camelbak

Model: Quick Grip Podium Chill

As I mentioned in my earlier post reviewing the Amphipod Run Lite 4 Hydration Belt, I’m not a big fan of hydration belts in general, and dislike the feeling of the additional weight around my waist. Another issue I’ve run into is trying to keep an 8-oz bottle of water that’s pushed up against your body cold when it’s well over 100-degrees outside. Reaching for a drink 2 hours into a run and taking a swig of hot water is certainly not on the list of my favorite things to do.

So to replace the hydration belt, I knew I wanted a handheld bottle that was insulated, but I wasn’t sure which one I wanted, or even what was available. After looking at the available options, I quickly settled on the Camelbak Quick Grip with the Podium Chill bottle.

I really like the feel of the Quick Grip itself as it’s very comfortable on the back of your hand. The adjustment strap is separate from the strap that actually covers the hand, reducing any possible chafing from the strap loosening during the run. The Quick Grip also has a pocket—albeit a pretty small one—for carrying an energy gel, your car key, etc., although getting more than one energy gel or a car key and key fob both are impossible tasks; it’s that small.

The Camelback Quick Grip Podium Chill bottle in black

The Podium Chill bottle is pretty awesome. The insulation keeps the water colder for much longer than an uninsulated bottle, although 2 hours into a run the water is still warm (but not hot at least). The JetValve for drinking the water has a twisting mechanism for opening and closing the bottle, reducing the amount of water wasted by splashing out accidentally, and is very easy to open and close. It’s made of a soft material, like most Camelbak products, and produces a nice stream of water that lets you drink quickly without shooting the water straight into your throat. The cap itself is very easy to remove from the bottle and offers a wide-mouth spanning the entire diameter of the bottle, making adding ice, water, or electrolyte powder a breeze.

Running with the handheld bottles takes a bit of getting used to at first, but after a few runs I’ve learned to forget that the bottle is even there. If I’m running with only one bottle I’ll carry it with my left hand (the same arm used for my watch), leaving my right hand free to fidget with my watch and open/close the bottle. When I’m running with two bottles I leave them both open the entire run, and even with them open there isn’t a whole lot of water wasted through the open nozzle.

The Conclusion

Overall I’m very impressed with the Camelback Quick Grip and the  Podium Chill Bottle, although I do wish the pocket was slightly larger than it is.


  • Insulated bottle keeps water colder for longer
  • JetValve nozzle keeps water in the bottle
  • Very comfortable to wear while running


  • Small pocket for carrying items during a run

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