2011 Hoover Dam Half Marathon

Race Name: Hoover Dam Marathon, 1/2 Marathon & 10K

Date: October 29, 2011

Distance: Half Marathon

Footwear: Merrell Trail Glove

Time: 1:56:44

After logging a 20-mile run the previous Saturday, followed up by logging 20 more miles this week leading into today’s run, I am AMAZED at the time I was able to pull off today. I might be in a little better shape than I thought I was. Also, woohoo for PRs! Beat my previous half marathon from  Surf City in February by 30 seconds, even with 1400 feet of elevation gain!

The Race

I decided to run this race as part of my Calico Racing Half Slam, an extra award for completing four or more half marathons within a calendar year with Calico Racing. A friend of mine, Charlene, and I decided to run together and pace each other with the goal of her first sub-2:00 half marathon and my second. We figured out what our average mile split needed to be, subtracted a little time for error, and set my Garmin 405c to track us based on those calculations.

With Charlene after we both PR’d

The beginning of the race is a 2-mile climb of around 350 feet on a paved walking/running/biking path, followed by 2.5 miles of relatively flat running on a groomed dirt road and finishing with a 250-foot drop in the 1.5 miles before the turnaround. If you do the math on that you’ll think that leaves me 1.1 miles short of a half marathon, and you would be correct. For some reason I didn’t trust the distance on my watch and ended up not taking my last energy gel around mile 10 and was slightly deflated as we ran past the last turn to the finish line to make up the last mile.

As a result of getting a little too confident and not trusting my watch (along with my left heel being rubbed raw by my shoe), I started bonking out around mile 12.5 but was still able to hang on for my half marathon PR.

I felt fantastic the entire race, other than when I toe-picked a rock and tripped about four miles in leaving my clothes dirty and my hands and knees a little scuffed up, but it didn’t slow me down other than the time it took to get back up and run again.

As much as I don’t like the shoes I ran in (Merrell Trail Gloves), this was the longest and fastest run to date that I’ve done in zero-drop shoes, marking a huge step forward in my transition to run exclusively in zero-drop footwear.

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