Gear Review: Amphipod Run Lite Hydration Belt

Brand: Amphipod

Model: Run Lite 4

When I started running about a year ago, I quickly found the need for water that I could carry with me while on my runs. Running in Las Vegas in August without water is a sure-fire way to quickly discover what heat exhaustion feels like. If you’re really not careful you can visit heat stroke land as well. So, instead of having to make sure all of my runs routed past parks with water fountains, I took a trip to one of my local running stores and checked out their hydration belts before finally choosing the RunLite 4 by Amphipod.

One of the main things I liked about the belt, besides being able to carry up to four 32-ounce bottles of water, along with a rather large storage pouch for storing keys, energy gels, and other miscellaneous things, was the ability to remove the clips for the water bottles (and the pouch itself) if I don’t need them. I was really excited about being able to customize the belt to however long or difficult the run I had planned was going to be, and it did not disappoint. It’s fairly easy to remove the clips for the water bottles, as well as the storage pouch in a matter of seconds before I head out the door.

Filling the bottles is a snap with the large mouths on each offering a large target for both water and electrolyte mixes. The bottles can also be frozen quite easily for doing longer runs in warmer climates, offering cold water deeper into the run, although having the ice-cold bottles pressed against your back can get pretty cold. The bottles are also just transparent enough to let you easily deduce which bottles are just water, and which are your colored electrolyte drink, and with the clips being adjustable, you can situate the two different types of hydration however works best for you.

The main drawback I’ve found when using the Run Lite Hydration Belt is the tendency they have to bounce up and down when all four bottles are situated on the back of the belt, which is my preference. It feels very heavy and can get pretty annoying.


  • Highly customizable
  • Large mouth areas for easy filling of bottles
  • Large add-on pouch and built-in smaller pouch offer tons of storage
  • Bottles freeze easily


  • Bounces against butt and back when all four bottles are full and are situated on the back of the belt
  • Feels heavy with all four bottles full
  • Bottles can leak, wetting the shirt and back of wearer
  • Sometimes the bottles don’t clip in all the way, causing them to fall out

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